Young People

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The whole finance industry is talking about you!

‘Millennials’ (anyone aged between 16 -35yrs) are one of the major reasons the finance industry is making sure it has sustainable, responsible and ethical finance available.

You are the workers and investors of the future and evidence says you care more than anyone else about what that future looks like. Your choice of bank account and - eventually for some - workplace pension is like choosing a fairtrade coffee or becoming a vegetarian. It has a huge impact on the world you - we - live in.

You don’t need much money to take ‘good’ money action

Together we are powerful. Let's take action for good money 

  • Share our animation ‘Pocketful of Change’ (Link to come)
  • Ask your employer for an ethical or sustainable workplace pension
  • Tweet your bank and ask about their ethical policies

and much more here...




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