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Sustainable funds can OUTPERFORM the mainstream.

Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing has published important new findings comparing the performance of sustainability and mainstream funds.

Over the last 14 years sustainability funds have performed similarly to mainstream funds, with no statistically significant difference in total returns.

The study also showed that sustainability funds have lower risk than mainstream funds and outperform in periods of volatility.


Here is a link to the full paper: Sustainable Reality: Analyzing Risk and Returns of Sustainable Funds

Others are finding similar results where companies or funds are also considering the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG)...


“higher ESG-rated companies mildly outperformed those with lower ratings”

MSCI 2018, ‘Foundations of ESG Investing – Part 1’


“Strong ESG performance contributes to risk mitigation, as well as being an indicator of strong operational and share price performance.”

Nordea 2017, ‘Cracking the ESG Code


“Who Cares Wins”

UN Global Compact, 2004

You can read  research showing positive ESG performance here:

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