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Education and Employment
  • Not all workers receive a wage they can live on 

  • Modern slavery exists 

  • Young people are struggling to afford education and gain new skills

  • Workers replaced by new technology (like self-checkouts) need help


Women and girls make up 'nearly three quarters' of modern slavery victims: Over 40 million victims worldwide

Modern slavery is happening in the UK: companies need to act to help stop it happening

Top British companies help themselves to £44bn profits but refuse to pay workers a proper living wage: The Living Wage Foundation sets this at £8.45 an hour or £9.75 in London – above the government’s National Living Wage of £7.50 for 25 and overs.

Jobs at risk from automation: the Bank of England has estimated that 15 million jobs may be at risk.

Keeping young homeless people in education should be a top priority: Teachers helping young homeless people to achieve in education is a crucial form of support

The price of accessing higher education: Is it worth it? 

EOS - Working Towards Sustainable Employment: EOS delivers the Work Programme on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions in Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country, providing services designed to return the longer term unemployed back into sustainable employment.

Social Investment in Education - The Young Foundation: A review of the role social investment can play in education by the Young Foundation, an organisation using social innovation to tackle the root causes of inequality.

Invest in Education: A campaign to provide equal opportunities for education and training to all young people in Europe.

Global Partnership for Education: A multilateral organisation aiming to achieve a good quality education for every child.

Youth: the hardest hit by the global financial crisis - United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe: An article by the UNRIC summarising the challenges today’s youth face as a result of the global financial crisis.