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"85% of social enterprises reinvest their profits back into their local economies"  - Social Enterprise UK, "The People's Business"


Housing and Social Investment - Big Society Capital: The first in a series of reports on investment in the social housing sector by Big Society Capital, a social investment institution set up by the Cabinet Office.

Just Finance: fair and affordable finance for all - CDFA: A report on community development finance institutions (CDFIs) in the UK by the CDFA, a research network promoting fair and affordable finance. 

Investing in Social Housing – The Housing Finance Corporation: A comprehensive introduction to the UK affordable housing sector by the Housing Finance Corporation, an independent not-for-profit organisation providing loans to regulated Housing Associations.

Investment Insight – National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF): A report evaluating investments into social housing as an asset class for pension funds by the NAPF, a representative body for workplace pension funds in the UK.

Global Wealth Report 2014 - Research Institute, Credit Suisse: A comprehensive report measuring global household wealth by Credit Suisse, a multinational financial services company.