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Social Stock Exchange Annual Investor Conference: Shaping the future of capital markets - impact investing in publicly-listed securities


The Social Stock Exchange


The Dutch Hall, 7 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HA, London, London


Charities, Faith Groups, Finance Professionals, Financial Advisers, Young people


Social Stock Exchange logo


8 am - 2 pm

Taking place within Good Money Week, this year’s event will explore how impact investing can help to shape a vision for the future of capital markets by supporting the next generation of businesses which have social andenvironmental change at the core of their activities. With a focus on the ability of public markets to create opportunities for scale and for the democratisation of investment, high profile experts from the worlds of sustainable business and finance will help to articulate a strong case for impact investing on publicly listed markets.

Audiences will also have the opportunity to hear case studies and examples from organisations currently using the capital markets to highlight both their business and impact stories, through innovative platforms such as the Social Stock Exchange. The growing demand from Millennials and case studies from retail market efforts will also form key highlights from the conference.

Please visit the dedicated event page for more information including confirmed speakers and to view the agenda.