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Jargon, gender, generation: breaking down the barriers to sustainable investing






Finance Professionals, Everyone



Join us for this free online session at 11am on Weds 4th October.

As part of Good Money Week - which puts a spotlight on the ways the financial services industry can make it easier for the public to use their pensions, savings and investments to do good for society and the environment - we’ll be discussing ways to overcome the communications barriers we’re seeing with ESG, sustainable and impact investing – and asking, is the message about making a positive difference with our pensions, savings and investments cutting through?

We’ll be discussing;

⁃ Who is most likely to invest in sustainability, and why?
⁃ Are financial services speaking the same language as the public on themes like ESG? 
⁃ How do we move impact investing further into the public consciousness?
⁃ How can we encourage greater gender equality across the retail investment space?


Chair: Luke Cross, director, Social
Madison Reamsbottom, Head of Membership, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
Matt Latham, co-founder, Circa5000
Alina Khan, reporter, International Investor