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Good Money Week Monday






Charities, Faith Groups, Finance Professionals, Financial Advisers, Sponsors and Partners, Young people, Everyone



Mon 4th October

9:30 Welcome from the Chair

James Alexander, Chief Executive, UKSIF

9:35: Keynote: Empowering the Conscious Consumer

•    New research into what consumers truly want when it comes to sustainable finance, and how financial services firms can accelerate the transition to more sustainable saving, investment and spending.
•    PA asked over 3,500 consumers globally about the barriers and opportunities to them “going green” with their finances, as well as their expectations of their financial services providers. 
•    This keynote will share insights into the 1) the most significant gaps identified in consumer knowledge around sustainability, impact, and financial services, 2) the emerging consumer ‘personas’ around sustainable finance, and 3) the tipping point when consumers expect green finance to be the norm (it’s closer than you think!). 

Mark Lancelott, Head of Sustainable Business Design, PA Consulting

9:50 Panel: What does the research mean?

  • Key takeaways from a banking, wealth management and pensions perspective on what this public view on sustainable finance means for them. 
  • What will be the biggest barriers/challenges for how FS firms respond?
  • How can firms speed up their pace to capitalise on the opportunities and better support customers through innovation, partnerships, and education. 

Moderator: James Alexander, Chief Executive, UKSIF

Mark Lancelott, Business Design & Sustainability Expert, PA Consulting
Clive Emery, Fund Manager, Invesco EMEA

 10:30 Panel: The importance of retail engagement in ESG finance

  • How does the retail financier influence the market? 
  • How has retail finance pushed forward the ESG agenda so far?

Moderator: Roberta Sanminiatelli, Head of Membership Services and Business Development, UKSIF

Hayley North, Founder, Rose & North
Jill Turner, Director, Big Picture Financial Planning

11:15 Industry focus: What can investment firms do to overcome the barriers to retail engagement?

Moderator: Sally Kramers, Head of Events and Partnerships, UKSIF

James Corah, Head of Ethical and Responsible Investment, CCLA 
Nic Spicer, Head of Investments, PortfolioMetrix