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Follow the Money: Scotland


Charity Bank


Glasgow Railway Station, High Street, G1 1QF , Glasgow, Strathclyde


Charities, Faith Groups, Finance Professionals, Financial Advisers, Young people




10.30 am - 4 pm

We invite you to follow the money saved with us to a charity or social enterprise near you.
Money is an intrepid traveller, destined for diverse locations across the globe, invested in businesses and industries, some positive others destructive. Its most unsavoury destinations are well documented: the arms trade, gambling, tobacco, industries where workers are exploited or environments damaged, the making of corrupt payments to secure contracts... You get the picture.

Our Follow the Money series of events are designed to give you the opportunity to follow the money saved in our ethical accounts to a charity or social enterprise near you, and to see the fantastic work these organisations are doing to support people in your community. 

We are visiting two charities in Scotland; Govan Workspace, a beautiful heritage site that has been transformed into a community hub for charities and other businesses and Rotary Residential Care, who have been providing care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy for over 50 years.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll confirm specific details for the day including timings, travel options & dietary requirements in the run up to the event. 

This is an opportunity to learn about what diverse organisations are doing to address social issues and how your savings are contributing. You will get a chance to talk to the people running charities, social enterprises and community organisations, as well as those they support.

There will be lunch, an opportunity to learn and explore, and the company of extraordinary people. This is your opportunity to see the good that you can do when you put your money where your values are.