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Chaco deforestation webinar


Planet Tracker and Trase Finance






Finance Professionals, Financial Advisers



Date: 4-5pm Tuesday 4th October (BST)

Format: 40 minute session via webinar 

Working Title: How investors, advisors & pension providers can take action on deforestation  - a case study on the Gran Chaco


The Gran Chaco is the largest dry forest in South America, encompassing a highly biodiverse ecosystem. In recent years, soy conversion and cattle ranching have driven significant deforestation, generating emissions and biodiversity losses threatening hundreds of species. Whilst many lenders and investors are beginning to take action on deforestation, the specific risks associated with exposure to the Chaco ecosystem remain poorly understood. This webinar brings together leaders from the worlds of non-profit, fintech and finance to explore what actions investors & lenders can take to mitigate the risk of financing deforestation.

About Trase: Trase is a data-driven transparency initiative that maps the international trade and financing of agricultural commodities, providing tools that enable companies, financial institutions and governments to address tropical deforestation. www.trase.finance

About Planet Tracker: Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank producing analytics and reports to align capital markets with planetary boundaries. Our mission is to create significant and irreversible transformation of global financial activities by 2030. www.planet-tracker.org