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How can you get involved in Good Money Week?

This year we will encourage workers to ask their bosses to provide a sustainable default workplace pension. 

Good Money Week is an opportunity to promote your ethical, sustainable and responsible products and services so customers can find them. Ways you can do that includes:


What can you do?

You can choose your own focus and create news in different ways. You might engage with media on some survey results, a new product or service, 'how to' top tips, profile a 'good money' innovator or share case studies. There are MANY digital and print news outlets interested in a wide variety of topics and approaches to the good money story. You just need to find what works for you.

Alternatively,  you can become a Good Money Week sponsor to be involved in our own media work.



What can you do?

Create infographics, video, audio (podcasts) and link to relevant stories and more - and share often. People respond to simple, clear messages and you'll maximise impact by engaging as many of the senses as possible. 

Alternatively, you can sponsor content we produce and share.



What can you do?

• Asset Managers could put on an event for advisers to highlight the benefits, and availability, of ESG and sustainable investment options.
• Run a cinema or lecture evening and debate a money topic with your clients or network
• Offer a free ESG or sustainable finance screening or consultation
• Something else!

Once you have planned your event let us know and we'll advertise on our website and through social media.



We'd love it if you would:

• Share your case studies of good money doing great things financially, environmentally and socially.

Get in touch with the UKSIF team for more information.