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Case study

Case study


Triodos Bank
Sophie Whyte

Sophie feels strongly about using her money for good. She is a health economist at a university and consequently understands the implications of systems that are run within a broken framework. She found out about Triodos by going online and searching for an ethical bank. Sophie has several savings accounts with Triodos.

She combines her part-time work with high level rock-climbing. She loves the physical and mental challenges of rock climbing but most of all she loves being outdoors in beautiful landscapes. Her love of the outdoors is very special to her, hence her passion for the preservation of our planet.

I put my money in the Triodos Equity Fund because I want it to be invested in companies that make a conscious effort to look after our planet. When I chose the Triodos Equity Fund, I didn’t expect great returns but I’m bowled over by how well it has done, especially with the sluggish interest rates on offer nowadays.”