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  • New research finds that multi-millionaire Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, well known for her philanthropy, has topped a list of ‘financial female role models in the public eye’
  • But while Rowling topped the list, nearly half of Brits (45%) admitted they couldn’t think of a single good female financial role model in the public eye

Research conducted for Good Money Week (29th September – 5th October) has identified the nation’s top female financial role models:

  1. J. K. Rowling (32%) topped the list
  2. TV business women Deborah Meaden, from Dragon’s Den, and Karren Brady, from The Apprentice, came joint second (21%)
  3. Oprah Winfrey came third with a quarter of the vote (20%)
  4. And Emma Watson came fourth with 15% of the vote

However, the research also found that 45% don’t think there are any good financial female role models in the public eye:

  • One in five Brits (20%) don't think there are any good financial female role models in the public eye
  • An additional 24% couldn’t name one

The Harry Potter author, known for her philanthropy and who was knocked off the Forbes’ billionaires list due to her charitable donations, has been quoted as saying: 

“Large amounts of wealth bring a certain responsibility if you’re any kind of human being, then after you fulfil your family’s needs, you think, well how do I do some good with this?”

This new research comes as Good Money Week launches its ‘Who Fund The World’ campaign, which aims to give women the tools and information they need to empower themselves economically.

One of the reasons that the organisation is encouraging this attitudinal shift is because evidence shows that when women invest, they are more likely to do so ethically compares with men. In a nutshell, when women invest, the world wins.


Charlene Cranny, Campaigns Director, Good Money Week, said:  

“The fact that J.K. Rowling has come out top in this list shows that many Brits highly value ethics when it comes to financial behavior.

However, it is a shame and a disservice to many of the amazing women doing good things with their money that many of us don’t think there are any good female financial role models in the public eye.  Something clearly needs to change here; there are plenty of good financial female role models all around us, and we need to shine more of a light on their amazing work.

Our research has found that women are more likely to care how ethically their money is invested. So, this Good Money Week, for the good of the world, society and the environment, we are encouraging women to take control of their finances and start investing. Because when women invest, the world wins.”

For more information about the new Good Money Week campaign please visit: