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Demand for investments that do not add to the climate crisis and other environmental, social and company governance (ESG) issues growing. They hear about these issues in the news or experience them in their lives and are looking for informed advice on ensuring their money don't make things worse.

Our definition of ‘Good Money’ is money that considers the environment and society as well as seeking a financial return. Industry terms include, ESG, Responsible, Sustainable and Impact investing. But all too often, advisers don't know how to advise on or discuss these types of opportunities.

The business benefits of advising on ‘Good Money’

Reduces investment risk associated with companies that have poor ESG records, e.g. Volkswagen, Tesco, Sports DirectAmazon and Google.

•Provides investment opportunities in growing industries e.g. renewable energy, electric vehicles, sustainable households and beauty products, eco housing and meat alternatives.

•Provides investments which match client values and concerns, fulfilling your "Know Your Customer" obligation.

Have you asked clients what industries or investment themes are important to them? Are they aware of the long-term impacts of investing in things like fossil fuels, tobacco, arms, or companies with corrupt or dangerous supply chains?

“The healthy returns on ethical funds in recent years have kept my assets under management growing and growing.......and hence my income too”

Julian Parrott, partner, Ethical Futures


You can use our 'Good Money World' video and map to share with clients and discuss how investments have an impact on the world around us. 


Listen to Tanya Pein of In2 Planning speak on sustainable investment for New Model Adviser (2018).   

Join other financial advisers benefiting from giving sustainable and responsible investment advice

Now visit your action page for next steps!

  • Offer your clients responsible, sustainable or ethical investment options

  • Share Good Money Week resources with your clients and professional networks to help inform about 'good money'

  • Join the Ethical Investment Association (EIA) – the ethical investment association for financial advisers

  • Visit UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) - for more on performance, jargon and investment strategies.

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FUN FACT! Lots of research says RI boosts corporate performance and is at worst neutral.

ANOTHER FUN FACT! There are over 80 UK funds to choose from in all major asset classes: UK and international equity, fixed income, property and more.


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