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If you are a charity investor you can do even MORE good by choosing investments that reflect your mission and avoid investments in the problems you are trying to solve – dirty energy, tobacco and modern slavery to name a few.

You’ll also protect your reputation and support from donors - remember it’s their money you’re investing!

We will help you ‘take action’ on good money and provide‘how to’ guides, useful facts and figures and more.

Match your money to your mission!



Join charities taking action

So, you now understand the benefits of ‘Good Money’. Now visit your action page for next steps!

  • Check your ethical investment policy matches up to your charity mission
  • Share your charity’s ethical investment policy with your supporters
  • Join UKSIF – a friendly network of supportive sustainable and ethical investors

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FUN FACT! Some say that performance from ethical funds is weaker. There is no convincing evidence of this - indeed the opposite seems to be the case.

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Facts and stats at a glance…


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