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What can we do to prosper and increase — economically?

By Church Times

“WATER privatisation looks little more than an organised rip-off” declared a headline in the Financial Times on 10 September. The paper’s City Editor, Jonathan Ford, reported: “Bills are rising to fund mas­sive shareholder payouts.”

That one of the basic essentials of life has become the means of trans­ferring wealth into the hands of the few illustrates, perhaps, the Arch­bishop of Canterbury’s ob­­­ser­­­va­tion, in the Commission on Eco­nomic Justice’s interim report, that the UK’s eco­nomic model is “broken”. During privatisation in 1989, the political argument was that there was no alternative. But, as water bills rise, together with pay awards for chief executives of these com­­panies, as of so many others, people feel that there must be.

The “brokenness” of which the Archbishop speaks can impinge most heavily in the area of personal debt. The Archbishop has strongly promoted credit unions, and David Barclaywho founded the Church Credit Champions Network (CCCN) in 2014, believes that every con­gregation should be encouraged to join one.

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