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WeeklyWatch: 4th November 2016

By Ethical Corporation

Not-so-clean energy, shipping cuts sulphur, Ecotricity issues bond, forest-fighting app, artisanal mining, teaching circular economy, Uber drivers’ victory, ethical investment dilemma, The Body Shop expands conservation

Wind energy boom ‘increasing human rights abuses’

The surge in renewable energy projects over the past six years has led to a sharp rise in allegations of human rights abuse by hydro and wind power developers, according to the Business and Human Rights Resources Centre.

The London-based NGO reports in a briefing this week that it has received 94 allegations of human rights abuse against hydro and wind power projects since 2010, most for hydro projects, but increasingly for wind. The complaints come mainly from indigenous people, who allege that they been subject to dispossession of their land without consent.

The NGO reports: “With few exceptions our outreach to 50 companies involved in renewable energy projects with a set of questions about their human rights approach found an alarming lack of transparency, awareness and implementation of human rights responsibilities.”

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