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SLI’s Duncan: Mainstream stocks that suit an ethical portfolio

By Lesley Duncan, Fund Strategy

Mainstream companies from across markets, sectors and countries can contribute to an ethical portfolio. To mark Good Money Week, five are listed below that have the potential to not only make money but also make a positive difference to the world.


Mondi is a UK-listed international integrated paper and packaging company which has exposure across the whole value chain from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and compound plastics to developing effective and innovative industrial and consumer packaging solutions.   The paper and packaging industry faces many global challenges around ongoing climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation and degradation of land and freshwater ecosystems and resource scarcity. These global megatrends and international collective action is increasingly calling for Mondi to drive sustainability and transparency across its business.   Despite these many challenges Mondi delivered profit growth of 24 per cent in 2015. The key driver of Mondi’s profit growth in 2015 was attributable to the return from self-help capex initiatives. Many of these initiatives and much of the return is directly attributable to lowering energy requirements and gaining green energy credits.

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