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Make good money do good

By The Bristol Post

The West country is full of positive investment 'hotspots' according to a new report. Ethex, a not-for-profit website, identified Bristol, Bath and Devon as three of the top five places for investment in local, social and eco schemes, including plans to use renewable energy.

The Make Money Do Good report found that Bristol residents, for example, have invested £5.6 million in local community projects and businesses since 2012. It was released to co-incide with Good Money Week, which runs until October 26.

Steve Clarke, a former partner in a Bristol law firm and a founder of the Bristol pound, has made a number of positive investments including a community share fund to keep the Bristol harbourside ferry running. "I want to see the West's wealth strengthening the local economy, not disappearing off to some tax haven." he said. Jamie Hartzell, founder and managing director of Ethex, said that the West country "is at the forefront of a movement where people are investing their money to create environmental and social change in their community. A growing number of people are taking control of their money and making it do good, choosing to save and invest directly in businesses that deliver not only a financial return but also demonstrable benefit to society.

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