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How ‘good’ is your money?

By The Telegraph

A new report, released today ahead of Good Money Week (October 19-26) shows more people are moving towards ‘positive’ investments -  fairtrade, renewable energy, tackling poverty, organic farming, community projects, sustainable forestry, green transport, organic farming and social property – as people use their money to support social change in their communities.

 Jamie Hartzell, founder and managing director of Ethex, said “A growing number of people are taking control of their money and making it do good, choosing to save and invest directly in businesses that deliver not only a financial return but also demonstrable benefit to society.

“People today want a more direct and immediate relationship with financial institutions that can be trusted, and that are transparent and accountable.”

Since the banking crisis, investors have used their money to not only support projects that are dear to their hearts but also to send a message to the banking community. What’s most surprising about the Ethex report, however, is that it is a NEW generation of investors that are leading this revolution, of sorts. Positive investors on the Ethex platform are younger than ever, but the average investment amounts are rising.

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