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Brits Want Sir David Attenborough To Be The Face Of The New £20 Note

By Stewart Perrie, The LAD Bible

The English painter J. M. W. Turner will be the face of the new £20 note when it's released to the British public in 2020. But while it's nice to celebrate the life of the man who died in 1851, it seems as though people in the UK want someone more modern.

Sir David Attenborough is largely considered to be Britain's granddad. Many grew up with his iconic voice as he took us on a journey across the world, from ice capped mountains, to vibrant green jungles and desolate deserts.

So there's no surprise that the 91-year-old has topped the list on a survey asking Brits who they would prefer to have on their £20 note. His soothing voice is pretty decent, but imagine pulling out a cheeky Attenborough to pay for a few pints?

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