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BLOG: how to get involved in responsible and ethical investing

By Darius McDermott,

Good Money Week, which runs from 8 to 14 October this year, provides investors with a great opportunity to think about how they can invest and make a difference at the same time. For those who wish to invest responsibly, a good starting point is to look at funds that take ethical, social and environmental issues into account and, the good news is, investors with ethical requirements do not need to sacrifice returns for their principles. According to data site Moneyfacts, ethical funds have outperformed their non-ethical rivals over one, three and five years.  

From Sports Direct’s use of zero-hours contracts through to the re-election and pay package of Sky chairman James Murdoch, shareholders can influence the companies they invest in. This can be done by engaging with boards on a whole host of issues, such as remuneration schemes, corporate tax transparency, succession planning and climate change.

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