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UKSIF rebrands National Ethical Investment Week as Good Money Week

By Alex Blackburne, Blue & Green Tomorrow


The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) has revealed that National Ethical Investment Week, the industry’s flagship event for the past seven years, is to be rebranded as Good Money Week for 2014.

UKSIF explained that the change was a reflection of how sustainable investment and finance had evolved since 2008, when the first National Ethical Investment Week took place.

Ethical investment has its roots in the avoiding of ‘unethical’ companies or industries, and this remains an important aspect. But an increasing number of investors are now focusing instead on sustainability, and investing in those companies that are helping address key social and environmental challenges.

Simon Howard, chief executive of UKSIF, said, “There are now an enormous number of ways for individuals to engage with their money and ensure their financial decisions can have a positive impact on the world.

“Responsible investment has in the past mistakenly been perceived as a niche area. The recognition by financial experts of the risk to value stemming from factors such as climate change or unpopular tax structures, combined with growth in areas such as community funding for renewables and crowdfunding, show why this is the right time to get people thinking about their finances in a broader way.”

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